Scrapbooking Adhesives

                                     a review of adhesives used by actual scrappers...and a lot more!

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Glue Pad
KI Gloo
Mod Podge
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Scotch Glue Stick
Scotch Scrapbookers Glue
MM Metal Glue
MM Ribbon Glue
Tombo Mono Aqua

Scotch® Scrapbooker’s Glue with 2 Way Applicator

This is a clear, liquid glue.  I really like the 2 Way Applicator.  One end has a fine tip and the other has a fabric tip for large area coverage.  The cap also has a plug for the fine tip to stop it from clogging.  This glue can wrinkle thin memory paper, like the paper in a Provo Craft slab.  If you are careful, it can work, but use the large tip.

I love this glue for paper on paper crafts and heavier paper embellishments.