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                                     a review of adhesives used by actual scrappers...and a lot more!

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Xyron ® 150 Create a Sticker™

I adore this little tool. It is available at     Wal Mart, Target, and Michael’s. The refills and the machine go on sale quite often at Michael’s. It is so reasonable you won’t have that, oh man, what did I do feeling after buying it!

This machine will only take items that are up to 1.5” wide. It is ideal for small embellishments that are paper, such as tags and die cut letters.

My favorite thing to do is run ribbon through it. It works wonderfully and places a nice, even coat of adhesive to the ribbon. Be careful when laying it out. If you are placing ribbon across a 12x12 layout, it could end up crooked if you don’t take your time.